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Clutter Is A No No

Tips On Getting Your Home Market Ready
Posted: June 05, 2019 by Shelly Wagner

Are you looking to get your home listed for the shortest amount of time and the most money back? Then I have some great tips and tricks for getting your home market ready!
Lets talk about the "C Word". Clutter. We all have it, and yes, it's a total pain in the behind! But its SUPER important to get that household clutter removed because... storage and space is EVERYTHING!!

Here are some of my tips on de-cluttering:

One of the most common occurrences I find in my clients home is the furniture situation. There may be way too much in one room. So my advice, do a 360 degree turn in your doorway and check out the wall space. Do you see much of it? If not, removing or rearranging may be necessary. Remember, we want the room to fell bigger, bright, and airy! Most importantly, I'm SO sorry, but that old "sat in for years to watch football" recliner has GOT TO GO! 

Another tip for de-cluttering, CLEAN OUT THOSE CLOSETS! The less you have in there the more buyers can see all the storage space offered. Buyers just want to know if they will be able to store their own clutter easily. So hide it under the bed or box it up and stick it in the garage. 

Finally, remove those family photos. I find they distract the buyer from actually looking at the home. I mean come on, people are nosy by nature right? You want to keep the focal point on the home so they can envision themselves living there.  

I hope these tips are useful for anyone looking to get their home on the market! And of course if you're overwhelmed and not sure what stays and what goes, consult with your Real Estate Agent. 


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